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Help, my parents are getting divorced!

It's normal for divorcing parents to feel guilty, even if divorce is the best decision for their own well-being and quality of life. But children are often more resilient than we think, but they also sometimes need outside help to find the resources they need during this difficult time.

How children react to their parents' divorce can vary, everyone is different: some children may need more support than others, but overall, children have the ability to adapt to the situation if parents support them and provide them with the resources they need. Children can adapt to difficult situations and recover from the emotional impact. This does not mean that the situation does not have an impact on them, but rather that they often have a great capacity to cope and bounce back. Children need stability, comfort and emotional support, so parents must work together to provide a safe and loving environment for their children.

Children need their parents to communicate clearly and honestly with them about what is happening, based on their age and level of understanding. Parents should avoid putting children in the middle of conflicts and using them as messengers

Children need to feel safe and loved during this time of change, this is why it is important that parents listen to children, offer encouragement, and reassure them that it is not their fault and that they are not to blame for the situation.

Do not forget that children need stability and routine to feel secure. So parents should maintaining family routines such as meals, bedtimes, and regular family activities.

Children may need help understanding and expressing their emotions during this time: the parents can help by being present and offering support, as well as encouraging children to express their feelings constructively.

Remember that children need both parents to remain involved in their lives so parents should avoid speaking negatively about each other in their presence. They also should avoid taking sides and criticizing the other parent, so as not to put children in a difficult position.

Finally, parents may also consider sending their children to see a mental health professional or family coach, to help them cope with the emotional challenges of divorce.

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