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Certified family coach

Because each family is unique.
And sometimes we just need a little help.


As you know, being a parent does not mean having all the answers! Parents call a family coach for various issues which are those that all parents know: being tired of having to shout, managing anger, difficulties related to sleep, the child's refusal to do what is asked of him, confidence of the child itself, disputes between brothers and sisters, etc.

Family coaching is for people who want to build a rich and caring relationship with their child. For everyone who want to improve everyday life with their child.

My goal is to work with the parents to help them regain family harmony and have fun being a parent.


About Family Coaching

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What tools does the coach use?

There is no magic recipe. My job is therefore to work with the parent, to seek with him the factors that may be at the source of the problem. Then, using educational leads and concrete means, we can develop an action plan to implement. We specify its objective and list the steps to achieve it. 

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Who is this for?

Here are some concrete examples that illustrate how family coaching can be useful:
• Parent who feels overwhelmed with how he intervenes with his child or adolescent
• Event that requires a new adaptation for the family (death, move, etc.)
• Family restructuring (separation, arrival of a new spouse, reconstituted family)
• Parent wishing to improve communication with his child or teenager
• Parent looking for tools to optimize his interventions with his child or adolescent struggling with an opposition disorder
• Child or teenager who has difficulty managing their emotions (frustration, anger, etc.)
• Child or adolescent who is anxious or has low self-esteem
• Child or adolescent who lacks social skills

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My approach

-Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
-NonViolent communication (from Marshall Rosenberg)
-Most recent scientific research in Neuro Sciences
-Creative cards 
-And plenty more...

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Fears? Questions?

A family coach is not here to judge. On the contrary, you will find listening and empathy. I chose to become a family coach to support parents in the challenges of parenthood.
Any question? Please, contact me!

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In person Buckhead - Atlanta (Georgia, USA)
Or online via Zoom

+33 6 60 52 14 75 / +1 470 662 7186

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